Moving along to 2015 and 2016…

And it’s set! A.D.I Concept’s annual year end production will be housed at Drama Center for the next two years!


Review of 2014  – Videoshoot for the trailers of Tanggang: The Unfilial Son.

I remembered the three of us collaborators, namely myself and my co-actors- Faizal and Khai, being so excited for the video shoot. Let us recall the different video trailers that were used to promote Tanggang: The Unfilial Son!


A.D.I Concept’s Inaugural Production – Tanggang: The Unfilial Son (November 2014)

This year, A.D.I Concept produced its first staged production titled, Tanggang: The Unfilial Son at The Arts House. The performance was based on a folktale about a boy who was turned to stone as a retribution for his lack of filial piety. The performance also featured three schools under A.D.I Concept; they performed their pieces as part of the opening act to Tanggang: The Unfilial Son.