It has been a busy and yet fruitful week.First, allow me to just make a small mention of the result for the recent Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2015. These students of mine have been putting their hearts and souls into their performance titled “Raden Mas” and most importantly, working past their limitations and putting their best forward. They were awarded with Certificate of Accomplishment.

I am proud of their performance, but as the saying goes- The best is yet to come. I hope this will fuel their passion towards the arts and motivate them to not just be a better performer, but a better human. After all, arts, be it drama or any other discipline, help us to connect and engage in issues that would have been otherwise difficult to discuss. It makes us more empathetic and more…human.

So, dear students, let’s look forward to many more achievements in the future, and more importantly, a better future for you, me and everyone around us.

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